Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby got sick. I love taking pictures. Matt's job is exciting.

Our household suffered our first go-round with a sick baby. It was only mildly terrible. He was a total grouch for a couple of days before we started doping him up with Tylenol. His cold turned into a cough at which point we went to the doctor. Lennon ended up with bronchitis/croup so the doctor rewarded him with a nebulizer. Just so everyone knows in case it comes up in the future, babies freak the fuck out when you put a nebulizer mask on them. He got used to it after the third treatment, but my god it was the meltdown of the century. He's still sick but it's tolerable now and he's happy again. Parenting = accomplished.

I am slowly getting back into photography season. (Is it a season if it lasts 8 months? Isn't that just life?) It is so much fun. Seriously, I can't believe how enjoyable it all is. Last year, I think my pregnancy affected me mentally more than I realized. I always felt worn down and my photos weren't consistently good. I've had a few recent engagement sessions and a wedding and all of them have been incredible experiences with great results. I also found a workshop with a photographer who I absolutely love. Like, I would forsake my wedding vows for this women she's so incredible. She's offering one-on-one workshops where we would shoot together with a model and talk business topics like marketing, workflow, post-processing, what I want my style to be, my passion for what I do, being an upbeat businessperson, etc. It sounds perfect.

Matt also has something really exciting going on. Him and another performer in his show were recruited by a huge national Beatles act to audition for parts. The show tours and does Broadway. He's reluctant to say he's excited about it, but I think he is. He graduated from a performing arts high school in Florida with the likes of Mickey Mouse Club members, television actors, American Idol finalists, Broadway performers, and purse goddess, Rebecca Minkoff. I think a part of him wants to do something really big like this so he can be one of "those kids" who succeeded and got to do what they wanted with their lives. He's already doing really well, but this is a jump from community theater to motherfuckinBroadway. How could he not be excited? It would be pretty sweet if it worked out and he got to audition. But even if he doesn't, he just signed a contract to perform for a week on a cruise. He's getting paid to go to Key West and the Grand Cayman Islands. That ought to cheer him up.

That's about it for an update.