Monday, March 26, 2012

Big news...

I have to let something out before I blow up and I don't have a safe public space to do it in. So, I'm putting it here since this blog is nearly all but abandoned and only read by people who end up here through errant google searches. (And maybe my sister!) 

I signed a lease on a studio today!!! I haven't put in my notice at my co-op that I'm leaving, so I'm trying unsuccessfully to keep it on the DL until I do. I'm going in on it with two other photographers. It's 100% ours, in an amazing part of town, in an amazing building - I don't want to let the entire cat out of the bag but the building name begins with a "Master" and ends with a "Craft." It's huge with beautiful natural light. We get to name our studio, get a logo and a sign... The whole shebang. I also have a new excuse to buy more furniture now. Gotta have a work space! And a fancy coffee maker.