Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big News

It has been FOREVER since I wrote on here for one very specific reason. The one and only complete thought that I have been capable of mustering for the past month is: Holy hell, I'm pregnant. But I wasn't sure if I wanted to blog about it. I am becoming less and less a fan of blogging. I love other people's blogs, I'm just tired of my own. Plus, after almost two years of doing this I'm not famous yet, so really, what's the point of continuing?

I decided though that I might as well write about it. If nothing else, it gives me an outlet where people can voluntarily read about the ongoing state of my uterus. I have an issue with posting constant ute updates on Facebook. No one cares. No one. I'm a pregnant woman and I don't even care about other random preggos' fetus updates. If I'm not a prime audience for that, then who is? I like the idea of putting it all in one place where people can see it, or not. Their choice.

Moving on...

So far I think my pregnancy is pretty typical. I've had a couple doctor's appointments so far and it all looks normal. The fetus was a grey blob last time I saw it, roughly the shape of a kidney bean. It had a flickering little heartbeat. Weird. I don't like calling it a baby yet. Because it's not. It's a kidney bean with a heartbeat, not a baby. We've nicknamed it Huckleberry Hound or sometimes just Hound for short. Much like the way we refer to the dog. (I already feel bad for the ways we are going to mentally damage this child.) We tell Ringo, "There's a new hound on the way, better get used to it." But I don't think he fully grasps the baby concept yet. What did I really expect from a creature who eats his own poop for snacks?

So far this process is at once extremely exciting and extremely terrifying. The pregnancy was a little, shall we say... unexpected. Turns out when you're drunk and you tell your husband, "I'm 99.9% sure I'm not going to get pregnant on this particular day, so go ahead and hit it without a condom," it is very unlikely that he will argue with you. And P.S. you can be very wrong about those odds.


Jen said...

Glad you are going public with Hound :) Cant wait to meet him. Don't worry about mental damage to Huck, I am a school psychologist. I can help :)

Christine said...

Right! Can't believe I forgot about your awesome skills as a school psychologist. I'm sure it will come in handy over the next 18 years of our friendship. What about your kids though? They will be the most well adjusted children on the planet!

Julia said...

Congradulations to Both of YOU!!! I love how you call your little kidney bean Hound! Well next time Sarah and I come visit Kate in Omaha you will have a little one!! So very exciting!

kelly said...

Just catching up on blog reading and saw this post. Wow! Congratulations!

Love the nickname. When my best friend was pregnant, they nicknamed the fetus "Grover" (long story). Someone said to them "You're not going to name your baby *that*, are you?!" They weren't, but what if they *were*?! Nuts.

Takeaway from that story: don't tell anyone what you're naming your baby until after its born. Before it's a person, people can bag on it. After it's a baby, they can only say, "That's great!"

Best of luck to you!

Christine said...


I will definitely keep that piece of advice in mind. We already picked out a name (it's unisex) that people either love, or hate. No in between.

Col said...

I was going to chastize you for not blogging more! I'm so excited for you! YEEEAAAAAH!! Congrats!