Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dressing Myself - A Daily Challenge

Finding clothes to wear is becoming an everyday challenge. My pants do not button so I'm rockin a belly band. My skirts all make my growing ass look a little too bodacious. Most of my dresses require that I have a waistline. My regular tees are now belly tees (and not the sexy kind of belly tees either).


I've only bought a few new things so far. A couple cheapo tops and then a nice Anthro dress and some Gap boyfriend jeans that are a size too big. The dress is awesome because it has an extra little V of fabric in the front that expands and the jeans are awesome because they're jeans and they button. I had them on last weekend with a pair of fancy heels, a ruffled tank and a long pearl necklace and the only thing I could think about while looking at my outfit was the Sex and the City movie. Then I went and changed. But my point is that both the dress and the jeans will still be nice to have once I'm done gestating this kid, therefore I didn't worry about spending money on them.

But that brings me to my major beef with maternity stores. They're way overpriced and a lot of the stuff they sell is... not in good taste. (Someone please fucking shoot me.) A Pea in the Pod has nice stuff, but if I wasn't going to pay $279 for a pair or jeans before, I'm sure as hell not going to now. So I thought to myself, where do the broke chicks on 16 and Pregnant shop for maternity clothes? Ahh, Forever 21! They have good stuff there! I checked it out online and where better to buy tunics and big butt skirts I'll never want to look at again after October? I can get an entire 2nd trimester wardrobe from that store for like $99!

I'm going out of order here, but you know what else is really funny about 16 and Pregnant other than the entire concept of that show? The fact that these girls claim to their baby daddies that they couldn't work for nine months because they were pregnant. Really? Are you serious? You couldn't stand behind a McDonald's counter for the last nine months because OMG you were pregnant and couldn't remain vertical for three hours after school? Whatever. If there's anything positive to say about teen pregnancy it's that those girls' bodies are prime for carrying babies. I doubt a lot of them really have issues with being able to work typical teenage jobs. Plus none of them get that fat and then they're all hot again six weeks postpartum.

Judgment over.


kelly said...

Have you tried Old Navy? It's a little hit or miss when it comes to style, but it saved my best friend when she was pregnant -- it's cheap, at least.

Not all ON stores have a maternity section, but you can shop online if your local store does not:

Good luck!

Col said...

I love my bump...oh lawdy. But Chris, don't you love your bump? Don't you want people to know it?

I've been watching 16 and Pregnant at the gym a lot and I can't believe some of these dudes pull these girls. Looks wise...we're on different playing fields. I'm also shocked so many of them get engaged. That seems like the next logicial will have this guy in your life forever because of the child, but you should legally bind your relationship at 16 so you can (potentially, to be fair) have a messy divorce later. Scary!!

Christine said...

No, I don't love my bump. I love the baby growing *inside* the bump but the bump itself elicits no emotion from me. Put that on a tshirt.

That show is such a train wreck. And yes, the girls are always way hotter than the guys. Why is that? Why is it that they have all this unprotected sex with the ugly guys? It doesn't compute.

I watched one episode the other night where the guy proposed to the girl and she said yes. Then later she found out that he cheated on her with some skank on prom night. If "he cheated on me on prom night" is the reason you ended your engagement, I think it's safe to say you shouldn't have been engaged in the first place.