Monday, April 12, 2010

To Bed or Not to Bed

Is $798 too much to pay for a silver pleather headboard? Or perhaps a better question would be, is any amount of money too much for a silver pleather headboard? Because I think it's priceless.

I'm beginning to have a bit of an issue with the fact that I'm going to buy a $400 crib for my baby yet Matt and I, two grown adults, have never invested in a bed for ourselves. Sure, we have a mattress set but it's currently sitting on a $30 metal bed frame. And even that is an upgrade from my mattress-on-the-floor single living situation.

Mattress on the floor = A safer distance to fall when you're drunk

But is a nice bed really something we need? Or is it like the Kindle, 40 inch TV and patio loungers? Completely unnecessary but brings me expensively acquired joy. It just feels like something we should have. Parents sleep on real beds. They don't sleep on dorm furniture. Unless they're actually in college. In which case, good luck with that.

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