Monday, November 2, 2009

Wedding Photo Blogs. What gives?

I'm developing an issue with all the top wedding photography sites... They only feature completely outrageous, styled to death weddings. And they technically don't even feature the "wedding" part of the wedding. 90% of them only post photos of pre-wedding stuff, detail shots and bridal portraits. Rarely do I ever see photos from the ceremonies and receptions. It's driving me crazy because those are the areas of the day that I want to see examples of. I want to see how other people make it happen. I photographed a wedding on Saturday and everything was inside. Portraits, ceremony, reception. I got the couple outside for some couple shots but really that's about it. I want some clues as to how other people work around the less than ideal situations.

I understand that the photos featured on wedding sites are the best of the best. They're expensive weddings with mad crazy designers at the helms and they only show the extraordinary material from the day. That's great and all, but where it the authenticity in that? Where are real weddings? Where is the wedding shot inside a dim church? Or inside a banquet hall? How do those photographers make it work? How do you take an everyday, real wedding and make it look dreamy and extraordinary in photos?

Answers? Anyone?

Maybe I should start my own wedding photography blog and only feature the photos of real couples and real weddings. Not only do they kind of pick and choose the most exceptional looking weddings, they also pick and choose the most exceptional looking brides. It's so.... wrong! With the exception of Offbeat Bride and Rock and Roll Bride, I never see featured women who are not size four and Caucasian.


kelly said...

I think our photographer does a good job of getting ceremony and reception shots (in fact, it's part of why we hired him!)

Full disclosure: we haven't actually gotten the photos back from *our* wedding, so I cannot personally vouch for him yet, *but* if you want to see other weddings he's shot, check out his site:

He does have the usual pre-wedding stylized shots, but there are also ceremony and reception shots and non-size 4s (that'll be me!) and non-Caucasians.

Hope this helps!

Chrince said...

Thanks! I LOVE his pictures!!!

Chrince said...

Overall I think individual photographers do a good job of representing their weddings. My beef is with the big wedding blogs - which I should probably just stop reading.

kelly said...

Yes! Stop reading them! I understand, professionally, that you want to keep on top of what's going on in Wedding World, but if they're not offering you anything new... boot 'em. Just look at individual photographers' sites whose work you respect.

(Sorry -- please hear this as the voice of a newly former-bride who was happy to boot all of the wedding sites from my Google Reader. I was just feeling such *pressure* towards the end that my wedding wasn't "perfect" enough. Blech!)

Meanwhile... I just got word that our photos should be done *this* *week!* Color me excited! :)

Chrince said...

No, you're right. Time to delete from my reader!

And congrats on getting your photos back soon! :)