Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Thoughts

Just some thoughts since I'm too scattered right now to focus...

I turn 26 in a couple of weeks and it's got me thinking about stuff I never thought I would like when I was younger...

Hot tea
J. Crew
Fleetwood Mac

I'm nervous because my car is making noise. It sounds like there's a helicopter under the hood. I'm praying a couple quarts of oil will make the sound go away. If not, I'm praying it doesn't explode.

I bought a completely ridiculous Betsey Johnson ring last weekend. It's a bright green snake that wraps around my middle finger. I felt bad about it until my husband called me and told me that he found an acoustic guitar he wanted to buy. I then contemplated going back and buying a matching ridiculous necklace.

Speaking of my husband, I hung out with him and a bunch of his rock star buddies on Saturday. They're all young and lacking responsibilities like children and mortgages so they party a lot. I did my best to keep up with the whipper snappers. I hung in until around 3:30, at which point I pretended to use the bathroom and poured my last beer down the drain so we could go home and just go to bed already... It was one of those nights where everything just falls into place and everyone has a really great time. I was exhausted but still sorry to see the night end.

I have three shoots this week. A couple of them are serious fun. One is a shoot I'm forcing Matt into doing which will either be fantastic or freakin cheesy, and the other is a wild bridal portrait with a hippie friend and some of her "bridesmaids." I think it's going to be awesome.

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