Monday, July 27, 2009

TCB Ya'll

This last weekend was a good one! Friday night Matt and I hung out with new people and ate some amazing homemade Creole food. Gumbo, red beans, cornbread, fried catfish, okra, crawfish etouffee. It was unbelievable. The food was particularly authentic because we ate it in a house without air-conditioning, on a night that was probably 90+ degrees. It was sweaty and miserable, just like being in NOLA!!!

I stayed sober Friday night so I could get up and run on Saturday morning. (Example #317 that I'm getting old and dull.) Jen and I ran 6ish miles in 60 minutes, which is putting us at a really great pace for the 1/2 marathon. It was ungodly hot at 8:30 in the morning and we stopped for water 3 times, so we were both blown away by our overall time. NICE!

I then edited 50+ wedding pictures and an entire senior session, cleaned my office, and geeked out looking at office supplies at Target. OMG - Target sells French Bull supplies. Someone help me... It's gotten to where I'm so excited about working at home that I'm asking my parents for business accouterments for my birthday. (Example #318.) I also worked out a plan to get some really awesome business cards and wedding handouts taken care of in one shot. I want something that's a little different than just a business card but doesn't look gimmicky or cheesy. I think I have a good idea and it's not something that I've seen anywhere already. It's also time and money efficient which is concern numero uno since I'm spending every penny I make on my business at the moment. Well okay, every penny I make minus a few pennies that I spent on a Betsey Johnson dress last week. But hello, 85% off, who could pass that up even if they are technically broke?

That just about rounds out my productivity. Unless of course "productive" can be defined by watching most of the first season of Weeds on DVD in one afternoon.

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