Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Target Anonymous

I've decided that I MUST save money for a new Zeiss lens to badassify my camera for weddings in the fall. I need a high quality zoom lens for shooting. The best lens I have is my 50mm, which I love so much I would marry it, but it's not really a convenient at-all-times lens. When I'm trying to get a nice close up shot of someone standing at the alter, I don't think the bride and groom want me hoovering twelve inches in front of their faces. It might be a little... oh distracting maybe?

So, I'm going to save for a Zeiss lens. Which is a lot of saving to be done in three months. To expedite the process, I'm putting myself on a Walmart diet. I am not allowing myself within 100 yards of a Target until I have enough cash in my pocket to buy it. I shouldn't be able to breath the crack-laced Target air from outside that range.

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Jen said...

best of luck giving up Target... I salute you... i could never do it!