Friday, July 11, 2008

What the Heck Is This Thing All About?

Here I am, on the cusp of mid-20s, on the cusp of marriage, and on the cusp of being gainfully unemployed (potentially and intentionally). So much is happening right now that I feel the need to put it all down in one spot and maybe find some clarity in all of it. And since blog sites have become my new internet addiction (so long Myspace) here I am!

Let's begin with the wedding. This is easy stuff. I am beyond elated to be marrying Matthew, the man of my dreams. Our relationship is so sweet and lovely it makes me want to puke sometimes. It's not all cuteness and nausea though, we both have terrible tempers. Our lives are enhanced by the wonderful Ringo. Not that Ringo, although he's nice too. I'm talking about this Ringo:

And on to the not-so-easy stuff... I'm talking career here. I will be turning 25 shortly and have been working in an office since the age of 20. I've known the entire time that I am not cut out for office longevity. It's painfully boring and quiet and stuffy and lots of other bad things. I've been presented with lots of crazy opportunities lately and I'm thinking about embarking on some of them. I really want to regain some of the creativity I've lost over the last five years. (You want to kill a creative graphic design graduate hungry to make it in the world? Give her a job.) This however would mean that I would need to quit my job and depend entirely on freelance work and hourly wages. It's something I have to consider sooner or later if I want to finish school. It's kind of hard to take an 8 hour cooking lab on a Monday when you're supposed to be at the office.

Did I not mention that I am also a culinary student? Well, there you go. I am currently taking classes for a culinary degree in bakery/pastries. Matt and I want to open a diner in the semi near future. Everything in the restaurant will be made fresh on the premises. You want some hash-browns? Not a problem, just let me chop up this potato real quick. My specialty will be the baked goods and being mistress of interior decoration and all things fun and pretty. Every roll, every pie, every slice of bread will be made fresh and from scratch, not pulled out of a plastic bag from the freezer. My dream in life is to wake up every morning and bake delicious food that people love to eat. That seems simple enough, right? It's the getting there that's not so simple I've found.

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