Thursday, July 31, 2008

Marilyn vs. Roy

I wrote out the rest of my checks for the month and realized that paying the mortgage and my car insurance in the same week sucks on the wallet. I vowed to not spend any more money until payday. Then I promptly went to CB2 and bought these plates.

I initially went there to buy some Roy Liechtenstein looking comic book plates, but then I saw the Marilyn plates and changed my mind. They were way prettier and on sale. The two styles of plates were the same price at $2.95 each, but the Marilyn plates are 8" square and the Roy plates were only 5.75" round. Now, I never took economics but the Marilyn plates seemed like a better value. Plus, it was on sale so how can you pass that up?

And that folks is how we rationalize impulse purchases.

I'm hanging these babies in the kitchen. After we paint the annoying ecru colored half of the wall red, I think they'll look great up there. Sometimes I envy people who decorate in white and make it look warm and beautiful. It's so serene and inviting. Alas though, I am addicted to color. Our living room area looks like a never ending acid trip. That must be why I'm choosing not to wear white at my own wedding. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that my dress isn't white. It wasn't really a choice actually, it was more of an "Oh, what? My dress isn't white? Well, um... ok. That's pretty sweet too."

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