Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, it cost $85 to correct my hair-don't.

That is an $85 lesson that I didn't need to learn.

I definitely got my money's worth both in color processing and lecturing from the poor girl who had to fix my mistake.

My hair isn't the bright, coppery red I wanted it to be. It's more of a dark auburn. Compared to yesterday's kool-aid colored tragedy, it's looking mighty fine. I figured it was better to let her go dark than to try and lift the freaky red out and fry myself silly. She also talked me into cutting off what she said would be "an inch, inch and a half" of dead ends. Really though, she took at least three or four from me. I understand that the hair needed to go. The ends were the remnants from last September's foray into bleach blonde-hood and they were seriously crispy. Add to that two days worth of processing and it was not a bad idea to let it go. But I really wish she had asked me before chopping it off. I've been trying for a year to grow it out.

Well, actually I tried for about two years to grow it out, then I spent a year gradually cutting it all off, then I decided a year ago to let it grow out again. It's currently still sitting above my shoulders if that indicates how much dedication to my hair I really have. (I'll just go ahead and tell you: Very little. That's why I thought it was okay to spend $8 on hair color and then apply it myself without any way of seeing the back of my head.)

In total, I spent more on my hair tonight than I spent on the utilities last month. I should have just shaved it all off with Matt's clippers and then taken us out to a fancy meal.

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