Friday, November 21, 2008

Ugh. So happy it's Friday.

What a week!

Thank goodness this week went fast. I don't know what I would have done if it were a slow one. Work has been mind numbingly dull, Matt's work has been terrible, leading him to put in his two weeks. That has led to an immense amount of stress for him. I say screw it. We'll be fine. He's booked with shows for the next two months, so that gives him time to figure something out. Really, I'm jealous of him. He has the ability to quit his job and live off of his career as a musician for the time being. I only have one career - that of a disgruntled web designer - and have nothing substantial to lean on if I quit my 8-5. I'm really working on getting some more photography experience/training right now. I would love to work as a portrait and event photographer to support myself. I have a sketchy business plan and think I could make a living out of it given enough time.

Hey everyone! Call me if you want some pictures taken of your kids, pets, engagement. I'll do it for free and/or for beer! I need to practice and try to get a portfolio started. And if I don't eff up those to bad, maybe someone will trust me with the task of photographing their wedding! Although, I'm honestly not comfortable with that right now unless the bride wants "blurry and slightly yellow" as her theme.

I'm stalled on the scarves at the moment. I've been kinda busy this week. Housework was neglected big time so I had to catch up on that. I went to Cat's one night and worked on the mural. (Looking pretty good so far.) Tonight, I have some massive baking to do to for her baby shower tomorrow. Saturday afternoon though... pure crafty devotion.

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