Monday, November 3, 2008

Market Failure = Buyer's Remorse

Soooooo... I'm bumming hard right now. Because of the drop in home values, the neighborhood we wanted to buy a house in is now affordable. We rented in our old neighborhood and didn't want to leave when we decided to buy, but we couldn't afford to do so. Everything in our price range fell into the "fixer-upper" category, otherwise known as the "total crap" category.

Now however, houses on the very BLOCK we wanted have fallen into our range and are sitting there with their for sale signs mocking us for buying a house mere months before the market bottomed out. I just found a beautiful house that's bigger than ours and all pretty on the inside and it's listed at the very price we paid for our house.

The house we ended up with is wonderful and I love it, but come on!!! Give me a break! I would have cut off my left hand for that house six months ago.

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