Monday, April 6, 2009

A few things this week...

Few things going on this week...

1. Matt and I are having Easter lunch with my family at our house. It's my first ever holiday dinner. Whaaaa? I have massive cleaning to do. I got a few things done this weekend but there's still some work to do done. But then again if people come over and our house is gross, I might not ever have to host a holiday again...

2. I need to finish fixing those chairs so people can sit on them.

3. A friend of mine who has literally been a part of my life since the day I was born asked me to take some candid/photojournalistic photos on her wedding day. I've also been recruited to photograph her shower, rehearsal everythings and maybe some engagement pics. Sweeeeet. It's great experience and I know she won't kill me if the pictures don't turn out. They have an official wedding photographer who is doing the wedding so the pressure is off of me not to eff it up.

4. Matt and I have been talking about moving lately. We're giving Omaha until he turns 30 (in two years) then we might move in pursuit of our careers. The top runners are Nashville and Portland, with San Francisco and Colorado also being considered.

Nashville is the most comparable to Omaha as far as cost of living goes. I also like the idea of living in between our families in Nebraska and Florida. Plus, Matt knows a semi-famous musician in Nashville who owns a recording studio so he has industry friends down there.

However, Portland is completely rad.

Colorado is freaking beautiful.

San Francisco is Mecca.

We'd go straight to SF were it not for the fact that we would have to choose between living on the streets or selling ourselves for rent. (Hello 520% housing cost increase.)

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