Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy One Year House Anniversary!

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of closing on our house. Only 29 more to go until it's paid off! Hooray! I've been taking a mental inventory lately of all the things I intended to fix on the house when I bought it and pretty much 99% of those things are still undone.

First off there's the inside... I never fixed the red paint in the dining room that stops halfway into the kitchen. But that's okay because it matches some holes in the living room that I patched and then never painted. Then, last week there was an incident involving large pieces of furniture being moved and the wall in the hallway...

The sun shining on the outside of the house makes it very clear that the old owners attempted to touch up the paint with the wrong color. And then left it. They also didn't feel a need to replace the piece of downspout that looks like it got ran over with a truck. But neither did I, so touché old owners.

There are still old tires behind the shed for some reason. And a computer monitor inside the shed. I can't go in there though because the door is guarded by the universe's biggest spider.

Sigh. Maybe I'll manage to fix everything sometime within the next 29 years.

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