Thursday, April 23, 2009

For Real?

You know what's annoying?

I've had two people come to me this month and tell me that they want websites that look like The Office TV show's website. Whatever, it's a fun site. That's not the annoying part.

The annoying part is that Matt and I avoid all things Office and wait until the DVDs come out so we can sit in front of the TV - like a couple of losers - and watch the seasons all in one sitting. It's so much more satisfying that way. During the TV season we avoid it at all costs. We plug our ears and humm through the commercials. We leave the room when our friends talk about it. I fast forwarded through clips during the Emmys. I've stopped reading peoples' blogs who talk about it.

And now, after all that effort, I'm forced to view their site for my job.


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