Thursday, June 11, 2009

If There Were 50 Hours in Every Day...

...I would:

Master fondant
And gum paste (whatever it is)
Learn to sew men's wear
Paint the closets
Write a cooking blog
Take up screen-printing
Tile the laundry room
Make Blurb books for my family
Learn to make bread, pizza dough and biscuits
Reread all my favorite books
Discover new favorite books
Make mixes of all my favorite 60s bands
Upkeep my Etsy shop
Tailor all my vintage clothes

What would you do?


Cat said...

I would:

clean my house

go through tubs of papers from highschool

scrapbook, or at least organize my photos

download all of my CDs to my ipod

generally organize my house

work on G's babybook

go through my closet


learn to cook

blog everyday

learn photography


shop for new clothes since I would be exercising

watch DVR'd shows

go garage sale-ing

go to the zoo, children's museum, etc.



do more drinking...

Chrince said...

I like your list. I'll add a few of yours to mine, mainly the drinking and traveling.