Monday, June 15, 2009

Out of the Closet

I took the doors off the closet to refinish them and I had two very alarming thoughts.

1. That is one messy closet. It's going to be a few days before the door get put back on so maybe now is a good time to clean it out.

(That tis but a fraction of the shoes I own.)

2. Wow, that is one little (but now very unmessy) closet. Who in their right minds would make a master bedroom's closet that freaking small? Oh wait, people in the 1960s, that's who. Because forty years ago Americans weren't the giant clothes whores they all are now. At one time that was adequate wardrobe space for two adults.

As a result of refinishing my closet doors, I ended up purging three or four big bags of clothes I decided I no longer need. Lucky for me and my tiny closet, one of the side effects of being a broke homeowner on the verge of late-twenties is that I've aged past the point of wearing half the crap I bought when I was 20 and I'm too poor to go out and buy new stuff. Look at all that spare closet spare!

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