Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Sweet Smell of Validation

Every year AIGA holds these student/pro meet and greets that were aptly titled, "Meet the Pros." (AIGA stands for something like: American Institute of Graphic Designers. I'm too lazy to look it up.) I went to these things every year in college. Aside from being informative and a great way to waste a day, they were completely and utterly terrifying.

The most horrible part of Meet the Pros was portfolio critiques. The critique in and of itself really isn't that bad. Problem is that a student would either end up getting critiqued by a very friendly and gentle professional who is honestly trying to help, or by a ego driven prick with a faux-hawk.

The second year I went, I got the later.

I showed this guy an annual report for Starbucks that I did in class. Said annual report won me a Student Addy that year so I assumed that it was pretty good and felt confident showing it. Apparently Faux-Hawk didn't agree. He ripped me apart for it. I thought it was seriously clever! The theme of the report was, "Spilling the Beans!" Come on! That's good!

But no. His main complaint was that the cover was a burlap bag background with a large Starbucks logo on it that looked like it was stamped onto the burlap. Faux-Hawk had a major ragfest about how I bastardized the logo and there's no way I would ever get away with that in the real world. I was compromising the brand identity blah blah blah.

It is at this point that I would like everyone to turn to page 131 of Real Simple's July 2009 issue.

What we have here is an ad for Starbucks featuring a burlap background. On one of the cups is a teensy logo that looks like it was stamped onto the burlap.

Enough said.


Shannon said...

OMG! How frustrating.

Jen said...

Your eyes say it all in this pic! Oh, sweet validation indeed!