Thursday, June 4, 2009

Prepare To Be Jealous

Go ahead and prep yourself for the most awesome thing ever.

My new vintage luggage set:

I bid on this at our monthly junk sale at work. Initially I lost the bid, which was shocking. My exact reaction was, "Who the hell would have outbid me on that ugly luggage?" But when I went to pick up a chair that I won (it spent a previous life in a doctor's office and is rad) the guy informed me that I could have it if I still wanted it.

Yes. Please.

Apparently the winning bidder thought she was bidding on something else. Or she bid on the luggage for someone else and they were completely horrified at their friend's evident lack of taste and declined to take it home... Something like that. All I know is that it belongs to me now.

The large case was still in the original box. I don't know if it's been used more than a couple times. All three pieces are in great condition. I almost don't want to use them, they're just too perfect.

Oh and P.S. I took those pictures in my freaky lit dining room at night and they turned out fantastic due to my newfangled ability at actually photograph things crisply without sticking them directly in sunlight.

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