Friday, August 1, 2008

Circus Dog

Ringo is grounded. Last night, Matt and I went to Kay and Ryan's again to play Wii. When we came home, the house had been trashed by our dear little Ringo. Once again, he got into the trash cupboard. Even though the trash can was empty he still pulled it out and dragged it to the living room. Since he didn't find what he was looking for in the trash, he continued to tear apart the kitchen. Now, we think Ringo had a past life as a circus dog because what he did next seems impossible to me. He somehow opened the oven, then with the oven door down, he jumped up on it and opened the drawer next to it. He pulled out all the hot pads and brought them to the living room, where I assume he attempted to eat the dried cheese off of the oven mitt because it was all wet. He also pulled everything he could reach off of the counter tops. He got just about everything except for a bag of cookies on top of the coffee maker. That must have pissed him off because he then went and opened another cupboard full of utensils and bakeware. There were spoons, spatulas and pizza cutters strewn all over the house. He also brought three spring-form pans and a jumbo muffin pan to the living room.

I applaud Ringo for his ability to open cupboards, ovens and even the fridge once. But the dog obviously isn't that smart because he skipped over the pantry full of food. I would have been a lot madder at him last night if it wasn't so funny. I mean, come on! Spoons? Muffin pans? That dog was desperate to let us know he was mad at us for leaving him. He couldn't find anything good though, so he just threw a temper tantrum. We threatened to trade him with the neighbors dog and now he's back on lock down when we leave the house.

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