Monday, December 22, 2008

Cold, Changing Tires

Once again, it's freaking cold in Omaha. It's -5° with something like a -19° windchill today. It's so cold that our snow beast of a dog doesn't even like going outside. In comparison, it's -24° at the North Pole right now.

Yesterday was cold too. You know how I know it was cold? Because I had to change a flat tire in it. Okay, so I didn't change the flat tire, my dad did. But I stood next to him and held things for him. Matt got a flat tire on his way to his show yesterday and ended up completely shredding the tire because it was so cold. The car was in no way drivable so I picked up Matt and took him to the theater, then had my dad meet me back at the car to fix the tire. Now, before you judge me for not knowing how to change a tire - I totally know how. But I don't have the strength to loosen the lugs. Even if I had been able to loosen the lugs, I still would have had to call my dad because the wheel was frozen to the car. It took the addition of my uncle and a dead blow hammer to get the wheel off. Two hours after we started, the spare was finally on.

I think we owe my dad and uncle a little something extra for Christmas this year...

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