Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stressful Weekends, Stressless Weeks?

This weekend was pretty unrelaxing. Yesterday was spent within close proximity to a bathroom and I passed out at 9pm. Today was spent working. Unsuccessfully. I was trying to take photos of jewelry for a friend's website and it didn't go well. I spent three hours photographing it and none of the pictures turned out great. Then, I ran over to Cat's house, ranted about my afternoon, painted some mountains and left.

Since I'd only spent $5 on Friday night and $10 on Saturday, I felt like I deserved a weekend trip to Target on the way home to stress spend. Target is definitely a weakness. I bought two Christmas presents (very good of me) a $20 dress for myself and a magazine. (Oops. Whatever.)

Not only did I stress spend, but I stress cooked and ate a very comforting dinner of mac and cheese. I did health it up a bit by adding corn and spinach to it. And then I brought it back down with sour cream and shredded cheese. But there was still spinach in it. That definitely counts for something.

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