Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh Boy.

A few moments ago I was thinking to myself how nice it was to be relaxing at home on a Friday night. It's not pathetic because I'm married, so obviously I'm lovable. And I'm not lonely, because again, I'm married. And I had the option of going out tonight anyways but I chose to pass on it.

And then I realized that I was watching trash TV, drinking wine and licking out the inside of a frosting container. Seriously.

What about this isn't pathetic again? I forget...

I did get some work done tonight! I also got two more orders for robot scarves. Robots plus scarves equals a big hit apparently!

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Col said...

i just wrote a similar blog about watching the britney spears doc. We're so nsync. Get it? Cause b.spears/boy band? too much? okay, Im done.