Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brain Freeze

On Saturday, I went to a Digital SLR class at Rockbrook Camera. My brain got stuffed with sooooo much information. We went over apertures, focus settings, white balances, the A-S-P-M settings, flash tricks... Thank goodness we got a handout and I took notes. I think I retained about 10% of what was covered. It was like taking a 12 week photography course in one afternoon.

I need to review, review, review this weekend. I learned lots of valuable things, now I need to practice using what I know before it's gone for forever.

The only downside to taking the class is that now I want to run out and buy a bunch of equipment. I want to get a flash and a bracket, a flash diffuser, a macro lens, a polarizer, a backdrop stand, lights, a new camera body... And then if I have any money left a $2000 high speed lens for when I take pictures of my rock star hubs and his bands.

Hey, those things are all tax-deductible. It's an investment.

I think it's outrageous when Matt talks about a $2500 bass that he needs, and then I turn around and tell him about a $2000 lens that I must have. One of us clearly needs to become rich in this decade so we can support our dreams. I'm pointing to him - unless I start charging $500 an hour for design consultations, which I don't think is going to fly.

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