Saturday, February 7, 2009

I did something very stupid.

I gave away a bunch of the leftover decorations from our wedding to other brides on I boxed up all the Christmas lights and the glass votives and took them to the post office to weigh for postage estimates for the girls. Well, when I put the lights and the glasses into their respective boxes, I wrote the contents on the outside of the box so I could tell them apart. Turns out though that I wrote the wrong things on the boxes.

I mailed a package of "Christmas lights" to a girl in Madison, Wisconsin. But what she actually got last night was a giant box of broken glass votives. I hadn't intended to ship the votives, just weigh them, so I didn't package them properly. There wasn't any bubble wrap or peanuts or anything in there. Just glass and newsprint paper. Couple that with the fact that the box wasn't marked "fragile" and you've got a recipe for, well a giant box of broken glass votives.

That poor girl. I asked her how many glasses were left because I would pay to have her send them to the right girl. She told me she wasn't sure because she was trying to be very careful picking through the pile of shards mixed in with the paper.

Lesson learned: Box things up one at a time and mark them accordingly.

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