Thursday, February 26, 2009

Super Awesome Pros and Freaky Cons

Two things have happened today that are sort of freaking me out at the moment, but only in a very good way.


A friend called this morning asking me if I would want to take photos of an upcoming fund raiser he's doing for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training. Of course I want to do that! He's thinking I can sell the pictures to people for a few bucks and then split the profits with TNT. Totally. Awesome.


My sissy told me that she maybe kinda sorta volunteered me to photograph kiddos at a daycare event that she's helping plan. I'd be taking pictures of kids while they stick their heads through those little cardboard body things that circuses have. Oh, and I also have to build and paint the cutouts. (Seriously. Thanks, Cat.) I'd be meeting roughly 100s of parents who might want pictures taken of their kids. Wowza!

So here are the problems:

1. I am not qualified to do these things.
2. I don't have a website for people to view their pics or buy copies from me.
3. I don't have a flash which I'm pretty much guaranteed to need for both events. Hello, $300.
4. Is this seriously happening?
5. I don't charge people for pics... so I don't know what to charge people when they ask.
6. I should probably order more business cards.

One thing at a time I suppose. First off, I need to buy a flash, which was inevitably going to happen. It's not like I won't recoup the money one way or another. I also have a meeting with a programmer on Monday to talk about web galleries. Perhaps I should also talk to him about shopping carts. He's the man. He'll help out. Then I am going to force Cat to meet me somewhere to talk about pricing and basic business odds and ends.


C said...

You are too qualified. Just believe yourself. Have you had one person yet say "hmm, ya, your work isn't as good as I thought it would be.." NO! You want to take's time to shine!

And sorry about the extra work:)

MissViolonjello said...

This is a very good thing! There is transition for everyone in everything - even photographers that you think are the absolute best felt 'unqualified' at some point.

Hey, at my daytime job, I get paid to do peoples' makeup. I have done training in this. Yet I cringe when they ask me, "So, are you a professional makeup artist?" I guess, in theory, I am - people pay me to do their makeup. But it feels so weird accepting that tag.

Shannon said...

How very cool for you, and how exciting!!! You can do it. Your pictures are AWESOME!

Jen said...

Christine, this is great!! I am so excited for you. Also, your new page looks great- you're gonna have to teach me how to make mine look cool :)