Saturday, February 7, 2009

Raking Sucks

Matt and I are two people who do not enjoy yard work.

Exhibit A:

I raked leaves this morning. In case you're wondering, the leaves in Nebraska do fall off the trees in October like the leaves everywhere else. We just kept putting off the raking and putting it off some more... Until eventually it snowed and buried the leaves. At that point we went the "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" route and forgot about it. That got us through until this week when the snow melted, revealing a sheet of old leaves covering our front yard.

Our house totally looked like that house on the block. The snow melted and immediately I could feel our retired neighbors glaring at us every time they swept their driveway. (Which is every morning.)

So, I raked. And raked. And then I went to the store for bags because we obviously wouldn't have any at home. We're the assholes who don't rake, remember? (We also don't pull weeds.) Then I bagged and bagged and bagged.

Now, I am tired. But at least there isn't an oak tree's worth of dying vegetation covering our lawn.

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