Tuesday, March 10, 2009

$1000 Spree - Electronics

If I had an extra $1000 this week, I would spend it on electronics. In reality I would spend it on new windows for the house. We got a quote last night and holy goodness, it was more than I thought it would be.

But right now I'm pretending that my windows are paid for, I'm rich, there is no recession and I don't feel an overwhelming sense of guilt when I buy myself things.

Amazon Kindle 2 - $359
I'm not sure how I really feel about the Amazon Kindle. I like the idea of being able to take my entire library with me where ever I go, but books are such a classic thing. I'm not ready to replace those in my life. A Kindle would be tops to have when traveling though. For that, it makes it onto my wish list.

Skyworth TV/DVD - $299
We ditched the TV in our living room and now it's so damn quiet when I'm cooking alone in the kitchen. I'd like to have a little TV to just tuck away in the corner and flip it on while I'm in the kitchen. This one also comes with a built in DVD player so I can watch SATC while I bake cookies. :)

BlackBerry 8830 - $179.99
I have major iPhone envy. I can't bring myself to sign up for AT&T cell service though. It's really terrible. I hate calling people in Omaha who have iPhones because it's so hard to hear them. My friend Tomm pointed out to me, "But if you have an iPhone you don't need to actually talk to people." Touche. I love Blackberries though. I'm becoming more and more of a gadget person as time goes by. I'd like to be able to access email, etc without being chained to a desk.

Garmin GPS - $139.99
I get lost. A lot. Enough said.

Apple Nike + iPod Sport Kit - $29
I would love to be able to just put on some shoes and run without first having to visit mapmyrun.com to plan a route. I'm completely anal about knowing how far I've run. This would take care of that and so, so much more. And at $29, it's something that I might actually buy.

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