Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy and Heartbroken

My newest little niece Jaqueline was born yesterday. Most unfortunately, her twin sister Julia passed away. It's such a hard thing to process. We're overjoyed to have Jaqueline in the family and in the world with us, but we're heartbroken over the loss of Julia. It's one of those things in life that don't seem fair, no matter how you might try to justify it.

My heart goes out to her parents. There are no words to console someone when a child passes away. We're trying hard to focus on the joy of a new baby in the family. She deserves for us to celebrate her new life. She's a sweet, tiny little girl, born at 3 lb, 4 oz. It's going to be rough for her for a while, but I've met her family. Fighting it out is in their genes. :)

That's really all I can muster up to type at the moment...

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