Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blogstar: Nie Nie

For my first Blogstar post I'm going to give you the most incredible blog ever to read. (No offense to the next person I feature on here.) You may or may not have heard about this woman and her story. I can guarantee you will be hooked on it though if you stop by and read her blog.

Nie Nie Dialogues

Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson returns from a almost fatal plane crash. Happy to be blogging again from Utah and recovering too. Four happy children and one sweet husband make her life as good as it gets.

Last year this incredible woman and her husband, along with a pilot who died, were in a small plane crash. After months in a burn unit recovering, she's back at home with her hubs and kids and blogging again. There's really not much for me to say about this blog. It speaks for itself. You don't know how many times I've started to cry reading her blog. January 16th is when she started blogging again after the accident. You can scroll down to there and read backwards to catch up with her. Her sister, Courtney, kept a record of their time spent in the hospital and kept the world updated on their improvement.


Jen said...

First, how did you come across this blog/hear about it? Second, holy macaroni it was a bad idea to read it on my lunch in my office with my boss... I cried and cried! Definitely a "blogstar" for sure.

Chrince said...

Good question! Unfortunately, I don't remember. I think I just spotted it on someone else's blog back in August maybe. There's been lots of news and charity events for them that I'll come across on other blogs. I guess she's sort of a little blogger celebrity.

Ya, I warned you. The very first picture she posted of her and her husband's hands in those gloves made me bawl! I didn't even have to read anything. I cry on a regular basis when I visit her blog.