Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Structure! Bring it on...

In an effort to bring a little more structure to my blog, I'm going to start doing daily posts based on a scheduled topic in addition to my regular ramblings. All the famous bloggers do it. And we all know that I want this blog to bring me massive amounts of fame and fortune. Hence why I would like to start writing about things that other people might find entertaining, not just me, my sister and approximately four of my friends.

I really want to find a direction for my blog. I don't think there's a real purpose to any of it right now. I don't really use this space as a journal. Nothing I write about is really that personal and I try not to spend my time ranting and raving about things. Believe me, I really want to. You don't know how many angry posts I've written and then deleted on here. I'm trying to keep my karma clean though. I love looking around and observing other people and places. I'm going to share that with you guys for a while and see how it goes. I might find a real direction out of it.

Plus this might be a way to put all my surfing to good use:

Recipe Monday
Easy enough, I just share a recipe I made. It's Monday so I'm not going to set the bar too high.

Shopping Spree Tuesday
This is where I will pretend that I have an extra $52,000 in disposable income every year and I pick out $1000 worth of stuff I would buy each week. Is there a real point to this other than to show everyone lots of great stuff that probably none of us can afford? No. But its fun to pretend.

Blogstar Wednesday!
Blogstar = Rockstar blogger. I stole that term. I'm just going to link to someone else's blog and let you read their stuff. It's going to be my slacker day. I read (or have friends that read) lots of great blogs out there and I want to get them some extra clickage. Plus these people are relevant and you should probably be spending your time on their sites, not mine.

Photo Thursday
In an attempt to hold myself more accountable for photography practice, I'm going to make sure I do one creative shoot a week (taking pictures of my dinner doesn't count). I will hopefully do this more than once a week and have lots of pictures to share. Maybe it can be a daily thing?

Weekend Picks
Movies, concerts, shows, events, whatever. There's always great stuff happening on the weekends. I'll find something to share. Probably just a cut and paste from the City Weekly. Or a one word post: Bar.


Jen said...

I am jealous of your structure :) I dont have the time for that... although it would be nice! Cant wait to read it!

Chrince said...

Well, right now you're just jealous of my *proposed* structure. My actual structure may not be something to envy. :)

Hey, I was thinking about it and as a fallback career for the both of us we could start a wedding planning service. Cake decorating, photography, invitations, organization/coordination, pre-wedding emotional breakdown counseling (that one is all on you).

Jen said...

I am in! Seriously... that would be so much fun!