Thursday, May 14, 2009

Awesome Color Combination

I'm kind of in love with this color combination. I saw it on a Design*Sponge before and after post. She used it in a nursery, but I'm thinking it would look awesome in my office... I started redoing it but then sort of trailed off. The grey I painted it turned out pretty awful. Working at my desk is like sitting inside a galvanized bucket. It's about as inspirational as that too.

Looks like someone might be taking a trip to Lowes this weekend...

I think it would really look good in there since I already have an orange sitting chair and I can make cushions out of this fabric that was left over from my failed attempt at recovering chairs. We also bought a really cool navy blue "Summer of Love" print in San Francisco that hasn't found a home yet.

I'm practically half way there! Really, all there is to buy is paint. And paint is generally the cheapest part of any room makeover. Does anyone want to help me paint white and sea-foam over industrial gray this weekend? Doesn't that sound like a total blast?

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