Monday, May 11, 2009


Here's a quick recap of our quick vacation. We went down to Clearwater, Florida (in the Tampa Bay area) for a few days. Matt grew up there. Or at least he "grew up" there as much as a military kid can.

It was nice. Hot, but nice.

For lunch one day we went to a burger place called Five Guys. It was ridiculously good. Everyone should find one close to them and go try it out. They have buckets of peanuts all over the restaurant for customers to snack on. Apparently word got out about the nuts because this guy was hanging out outside the front door.

Even though the year round humidity and subsequent sweating suck, the gardens are fantastic down there. The family we stayed with grows fruits and veggies in Earth Boxes. The plants were just exploding everywhere. In Nebraska, you plant for veggies in May, they fruit in July, and then by October they're dead. It's early May and look what they had out of their garden already:

It's funny because I ended up with about ten pictures of the beach and then twenty pictures of vegetables and thirty pictures of their dogs.

We really didn't do a whole lot other than drink beer, hang out with friends, drink beer, see a Kings Of Leon show, and try to avoid sunburning. We succeeded in all areas.

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