Thursday, May 21, 2009


Remember how I said I thought the living room needed more texture and maybe some more color? (You're probably thinking more color isn't the answer.) Well, I found what I was looking for...

I just mentally spent about $500 at French Bull. Where was this when I was registering for wedding gifts last year?

Among my favorites:

Delight Full / Queen Duvet Set
Mosaic Platter
Multidot Fellini Bowl
Robot Square Plate Set
Pink Paisley Runner

If I had my way, our house would be so triptastic by the time we moved out that the whole place would have to be power sprayed with white. I really admire people who can decorate their houses in whites and neutrals and make it look warm and inviting, but unfortunately I am not one of those people. I'm addicted to color. Ugly, nasty, burn your eyeballs, make you dizzy color.

Speaking of, the office has been put back together and I'm excited to take pictures of it.

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