Thursday, May 28, 2009

Green Eyed Monster

I think it's maybe a little obvious that I'm a very visual person and I love looking at (and coveting) pretty things. I drool over Anthropologie, Dwell magazine and When it comes down to it though, I know that material things to not have the ability to make me happy. (Cute, well dressed and in a constant state of domestic bliss? Yes. But happy? No.) The things that I am sincerely envious of and crave like a rabid monkey are mostly non-material.

An Impeccable Sense of Color
People who can grab five random paint swatches and create a cohesive color palette piss me off. I can match blues with blues and reds with reds, but throwing together shades of yellow, pink and green in a way that makes sense? I do not effectively possess that ability.

Chillin On Weekdays
I have lots of friends and family who do not work on at least one traditional workday a week. For instance, my husband had today off and spent the day relaxing at home and playing basketball. I wake up every Thursday and say in my head, "But I don't want to go to woooooooork! I want to stay hooooooome!" It makes me so jealous. I would love nothing more than to be sitting at home watching a movie in my pjs right now. Unfortunately, a lot of those people I mentioned earlier work on weekends. There is certainly no envy in that...

Effortless White Balance
How in the world do some people always, always, have perfectly white photos. White balance is one of those eternal mysteries of the universe for me. I'm constantly adjusting it and even when I think I'm close, I'm never spot on. Hopefully, this is something that will come easier to me as time goes by. If not, people better get used to their pictures having a yellow glow. Thank the heavens above for Photoshop.

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