Monday, August 11, 2008

Jeff and Brandon's Commitment Ceremony Recap

Jeff and Brandon's commitment ceremony was on Saturday. It was an absolutely beautiful evening. The ceremony was lovely. Reverend Nancy Brink from North Side Christian Church officiated. (I love their message on the home page: "We support families, we don't define families.") She spoke so eloquently about the need of support in the gay and lesbian community. My favorite part was at the end when she said, "I now pronounce you bound together for life. One heart, one soul." (It was something like that. I was concentrating on not crying.)

I was so honored to stand up as an attendant for them. J and B mean the world to me. They are wonderful, beautiful, loving people. They deserve as much happiness and love as a traditional married couple. I know it really doesn't mean much to them, but I wish they could enjoy the same legal status that the rest of us do. Two people should be able to legally unify themselves, regardless of sex. Yes, the Bible defines marriage as being between a man and a woman, but last time I checked the "separation of church and state" was still in effect in America. What if someone doesn't believe in the Bible or isn't Christian? Why should they be legally obligated to follow the fundamentals of a religion that they don't practice? It really doesn't make sense to me. In my opinion, America has better things to worry about than who loves who. But I digress...

The reception was as equally beautiful as the ceremony. It was held at the Regency Lake Clubhouse. The tables and chairs were covered in white linens, with lime green tie-backs on the chairs. The center pieces were beautifully done by d.l. guenin from Denver. He arranged various types of green flowers and berries, white flowers, limes, candles and stones in clear glass vases. The room glowed. It was incredible. The cake was unbelievable. Usually wedding cake is baked a day or two ahead of time and is a little stale by the time you get around to the reception. This cake wasn't though. Not at all. It was some of the best cake I've ever eaten.

I will say that I looked surprisingly put together at their wedding. I had on a lovely dress that I adore and a beautiful Tiffany(!!!) necklace that was a gift from the couple. I paid someone to do my hair, which I hate, but which is necessary. I am a master of ponytails, but my hair talent ends there. I always end up looking like a kindergartner did my hair when I style it myself. I also did my makeup and it looked great until I cried most of it off.

All in all, it was a very classy affair. Everything Jeff and Brandon do is so sophisticated. Hopefully no one expects any class from Matt and me at our wedding.

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