Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OMG! Like, Clothes and Stuff!

Stores I must go to in San Francisco because I am desperate for a new wardrobe but lack suitable fiances for such a thing but I still want to go look and drool oh my god its all so great we don't have these places in Omaha and there they will be, in the flesh, oh no Matt please force me to leave my credit card in the hotel room:

01. Anthropologie
02. Betsey Johnson
03. Levi's
04. H&M
05. CB2 (can't wear it but it's still oh so very stylish)

And yes, I'm aware that an Anthropologie is coming to Omaha. Soon I will be able to mentally arm-wrestle myself over whether or not to buy fabulously overpriced coats and cardigans within the limits of my own city.

I'm not really all "OMG clothes and other petty superficial things" in real life. I just enjoy typing about it on my blog because it's fun and silly. Plus, no one in real life wants to hear me blather on about such crap. Except Billy. I have a feeling that Billy would totally support me talking about a coat that I would commit sins for.

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