Saturday, August 9, 2008

Show and Tell

You can tell a lot about a person by what is in their bathroom. I took a few photos of some of the things in my bathroom and picked a couple that show some of my favorite items that happened to be in there.

I have a little dish full of odd and ends on the bathroom counter. Usually, my jewelry that's in heavy rotation gets thrown in there. It's more convenient than putting it away in a jewelry box every night. In it right now:

01. A pearl necklace that I borrowed from my mom. She may not get it back. Ever.
02. A necklace from Lia Sophia. I usually hate jewelry parties. The stuff is never that good. The last one I went to though, I fell in love with this long necklace with little circular mirrors all over it. When the sun catches it, it throws circles all over the room. It's really neat.
03. Maria Felt Flower Barrette from Princess Lasertron. I can't stop wearing this. I love it. I wear it in my hair or I clip it to my shirt. It looks really great on tank top straps. So far I've managed to work a weeks worth of outfits around it.
04. JR Watkins Apothecary, Red Clover Hand and Cuticle Salve. If it were 1997, this stuff would be the bomb. It's the perfect remedy for dry cuticles and rough patches of skin on your hands, elbows and feet. I keep a travel size on hand to throw into my purse.

This stuff just happened to be in the bathroom at the time, but it worked perfectly. I can't live my life without a pair of Chuck Taylors. I've owned a pair since I was seventeen. They work with everything. I even wore a pair to my sister's wedding under my full length dress. :)

This dress is also something beautiful that I just fell in love with tonight. This evening was Jeff and Brandon's commitment ceremony and I got to stand up for Jeff in this beautiful little dress. It doesn't look like much on the hanger, but it is impressively flattering on. It was lightweight, comfy and the color is incredible. Super bonus that it's wearable in everyday life and I bought it off the clearance rack at J Crew. The ceremony and reception could not have been lovelier. I will write more about it tomorrow, but now it's time for me to climb into bed and watch TV.

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