Monday, August 25, 2008


This weekend was like every Christmas I've ever had, all rolled into one. It started off Friday morning with a work shower. I got a toaster, coffee maker and a few extra little things. The coffee maker is awesome. Really, it's more than a coffee maker. It's kind of like a little robot that sits on my kitchen counter. It's shiny and covered in buttons.

Look at that thing! Yowza! So fancy. In addition to making coffee, it also doubles as a water filtration system and has a self-clean function. I took apart the old coffee maker and cleaned it out since it's lazy and it doesn't clean itself. I set it in the window to dry and it looks like it's wearing a Viking helmet (which it doesn't deserve). I hate that coffee maker. It's leaky and drippy and it's white so it stains no matter how careful I am.

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