Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Office Perks

I know it might sound a little superficial, but one of the things I'm looking forward to in my impending transfer back to my former office is the dress code. I'll actually get to look like Chrince when I go to work. Not some generic girl in a monkey suit. I'm not a fan of office wear and I spent as little as humanly possible on clothes when I started here. I bought four button down shirts; two long sleeved and two short. I also bought four pairs of pants. That was almost two years ago. I've filled in with various skirts and sweaters in laundry emergencies that have led to the office nicknames, Funky Winkerbean and Punky Brewster. But no longer. I will have the privilege of wearing jeans, sandals, shirts without buttons and maybe an occasional graphic tee if I'm feeling spicy.

Sure, there are other perks such as, mutual respect to/from my boss, great projects, etc. But right now I'm focusing on the expansion of my vanity from the hours of 8-5. Once again I'll have an excuse to buy things like expensive jeans, kicky blazers and funky pumps.


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