Friday, August 8, 2008

Timing is Everything

WOW! What a difference a day makes! Earlier this week I was depressed over my career situation. I hate my job, I'm trying to finish school, I have freelance work but not enough to support us with. I need to find something that I like that pays good money and has moderately flexible hours so I can get some labs out of the way. BEHOLD!!! I had a little lunch pow wow with a former employer and he had some very good things to discuss. He has freelance for me right now (YAY! But come on, enough already. I'm swamped.) and if some business prospects of his work out in the next couple of months he wants to discuss hiring me back to the company.


I feel like all my prayers (to no one in particular) have been answered. This could definitely work out and turn into something very, very good. The fall semester ends in November, right around the time that he may be ready for me to come back. That means that we can work out an agreement where I work something like four days a week (32 hours) and then have time to take labs on my day off. I am sooooo happy right now! We had a great talk and agreed that we really liked working together before. I explained in so many words that I left the company under circumstances that had nothing to do with him personally or the business. He's really confident in my creative skills and work ethic and I foresee this really working out for each of us.

Thank goodness for not burning bridges, you know? I'm so happy that him and I have stayed on good terms over the last couple of years and that this opportunity is being presented to me right now. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my brain. It's coming at the perfect time. I have a couple of months to get married, get my brain back on track with school and work and figure out my next step.

Karma is a lovely gal, ladies and gentlemen. Just don't piss her off.

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