Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Today has been the laziest day. The pressure from crap loads of wedding tasks has been lifted and I did most of the house work Friday night during a fanatic semi-drunk burst of energy. So, as a result I have done little to nothing today that counts as productive.

I called and got our internet connection fixed. The old modem got fried somehow. Couldn't have been that power surge during a storm a couple days ago... Or could it? I don't know how these things work. I just noticed yesterday that instead of getting service through the modem, I was unknowingly stealing from the neighbors and running off of their wireless. Oh well, serves them right for not using a password. I dug up the old modem from my apartment days and plugged it in. It worked, oh it worked alright. But the only site I could get to was Cox's, telling me that I had to have my "new modem" authorized. Apparently, even though I purchased the modem from them, I have to have their permission to plug the stupid thing in. I think that's a load of BS. But whatever... Two phone calls and an hour later, I had bonafide and legal internet service coursing through my veins.

Then I made this...

I also went to NFM and attempted to buy a new extendo lens for my camera. I quickly found out that would cost me $699 so I passed. Then um... then nothing. Kate and I were going to run but concurred that it was way too hot out. (She's Canadian. I'm a sissy.) Now I'm contemplating going to the gym to run. But that's hard to do with my tush planted on the couch so I may just end up watching whatever is on Bravo and eating salsa for the rest of the night.

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