Monday, September 8, 2008

Everything is New Again!

Labor Day has come and gone which means that all the quality movies, TV shows and music are coming out for the fall. I already love and/or cannot wait any longer for:

01. Burn After Reading - I am a manic Coen fan. Blame it on my high school BF. He dragged me to O Brother senior year and I was smitten with Joel and Ethan. I even forgave them for Clooney's awful lip synching scene. My love of O Brother also parlayed into a love for Gillian Welch but that's another blog. I am antsy with anticipation for Burn After Reading. Frances McDormand? John Malkovich? Tilda Swinton? Yes, please!!!

(On a side note, if anyone wants to discuss the ending to No Country For Old Men let me know. I almost completely understood the ending and I think it's genius. Kind of a "we're smarter than you'll ever be" middle finger from the bros to all of us viewers.)

02. Entourage - I joined this series at the end of what I think is the third season and I didn't really get it at first. Ya, ok. Boobs, LA, hugging it out. Nice. But then after a few episodes I got hooked on it. The writing is great, the characters are awesome. It's Sex and the City but with boys. And that leads us to...

03. True Blood - I watched this after Entourage and took it with a huge grain of salt... but still enjoyed it greatly. When did vampires become unscary? They're really just sort of gay. But still, this show was pretty cool. I really love horror movies of the monster genre so this was a treat. I only read about the show last week so I didn't have any expectations about it. But, it's from the badasses who created Six Feet Under so it didn't disappoint.

04. Kings Of Leon - Oh. My. God. I really don't know what else to say. Their new album, Only By The Night, doesn't actually come out for another couple of weeks but I got a copy of it from a secret source. Don't give me that look. I'm buying it on vinyl when it comes out. I just listened to it this morning and I was completely blown away by it. It's epic. Like, Queen epic. And it rocks so hard. It feels legendary listening to it. I hope this is the album that does it for them. It's so incredible. Definitely my favorite release of 2008.

Buy it. Listen to it. Love it.

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somershine said...

i am absolutly psyched about burn after reading. i am a coen fan almost to an unhealthy degree. I adore everything they do (not a huge fan of intolerable cruelty). i feel like we might have had a half faded conversation about this already, but we're gonna do it again. this is pertaining to your "side note" about no country. I thought the movie was genius and the ending perfection, but you make me feel like i am missing something very important. the perverbial fuck you from the coens? lets talk about that. i will watch it again before you respond so that i am current. i have only seen it twice and that was a while ago. i do think i remember that there were some that were displeased with the ending, but what was the alternative? tommy lee riding off, chasing this guy into eternity? his character was defeated, its ok. that happens. ok so i'm renting it today, and you should get back with me after the vacay.