Thursday, September 25, 2008

Weekend To-Dos - EDITED!

It feels like it might be time to start a new to-do list. This one is short term. Hopefully I can get most of this done this weekend.

01. Call Cox and get a new cable box, cancel crazy expensive Stars channels.
02. Take the dog to the vet
03. Get Matt a new wheel and tires
04. Finish hanging the pile of curtains I bought, may require a trip to Home Depot
05. Buy a Dyson (Matt is going to have to pry me away from the thing)
06. Mop the whole house
07. Finish unboxing wedding gifts, find everything a home in the kitchen
08. Play MarioKart on Wii, play it some more
09. Do the never ending dance of laundry

I think thats enough for now.

**Oh wait... I forgot one important thing.

10. Run a half-marathon on Sunday. I know. Seriously. I'm out of my mind. It didn't seem like that bad of an idea three months ago when I was supposed to start training. But then I never trained for it. Kate and I ran seven miles a couple weeks ago and my running shoes have hardly seen pavement since. Wish me luck. Luck that I finish, luck that emergency medical services are not needed to carry me away from the course...

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