Friday, September 5, 2008

Knit and Felt Scarves

It's starting to get chilly here in Nebraska so I've been inspired to get out some cold weather crafts. I started knitting a scarf for Gloria maybe... oh three years ago and I thought now might be a good time to finally finish it. It's a really pretty shade of blue with purple flecks, and it's the softest yarn ever. I seriously started making it for her when I was living downtown and was still dating John. Wow. Really. Three moves and several bachelors later, now I own a house and I'm getting married next week. That's how much time has passed since I first promised this scarf to her. I found it which is a miracle in itself after moving three times and worked on it for roughly 25 minutes before getting distracted my Matt and The Office.

I planned on working on it some more Thursday after work, but I got a brilliant flash and started a new project when I got home. I have a serious case of project-related ADD. This project has a deadline to it though. I want to make scarves for the groomsmen as a thank you gift from me. Ya, that's three scarves in a week. Not a problem for the average craftaholic. (Isn't that actually someone addicted to craftahol?) But for me that's like asking me to... well it's asking a lot. I'm not knitting these though, so that will save a lot of time. I'm making them out of fleece. (Doesn't unravel therefore doesn't require hemming. Score!) Then, I'm duplicating their favorite bands' logos out of felt and stitching them on. I'm also adding some grommets and a couple other small details to spice it up. I started with the hardest one first and I'm about half done with it so I think I might be able to finish them in time for the wedding in 10 days. WHAT!?! Ya, that's right. I would be able to finish them this weekend if I really focused but I have a bach party on Saturday night and an inevitable hangover on Sunday to attend to.

Then Gloria, when all this wedding business is over and done with, I promise I'll finish your scarf. I won't make you go another cold and blistery winter without it. Swear.

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