Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shamelessly Watched 90210 and Loved It

Matt worked last night so I turned the evening into a single-girl night. I cooked (again) a pasta casserole with whatever we had available. While drinking white wine straight from the bottle. In sweatpants. This time dinner was: hamburger, noodles, peas, mushroom soup, a glob of sour cream, topped off with a sprinkle of cheese. It didn't taste too bad, and it actually looked yummy. Most casseroles look like something you would never actually want to eat unless desperate beyond desperate.

Then, I settled into the couch with a tall diet coke and I watched two hours of the 90210 premiere. Or rather, I watched approximately 67 minutes of the 90210 premiere and 53 minutes of commercials. I will be DVRing it for the rest of the season to avoid having to sit through 10,000 Clearasil commercials. I have to confess that I really did like the show. I am not a fan of the bratty rich kid genre. The Hills, OC, Gossip Girl... I will not, cannot watch those shows. But 90210? It's a different bird baby. Maybe it's just the nostalgia of it, makes me feel like I'm 12 again. It's overacted and cheesy but whatever. I liked it.

My only beefs with the show are: (1) Why are all the female actresses apparently teetering on anorexic except the one who is supposedly a major pill popper. Pill Freak has a refreshingly normal looking body. And by "normal" I mean "normal if normal is still a size 3/5." If she really was eating nothing but pills and champagne shouldn't she be the one in the size 00 Chanel culottes? (2) What's with Chanel Culottes (Naomi) not being able to cry on cue? Shouldn't the girl cast as the emotional-wreck-queen-bee character be able to cry on camera? Her version of "crying" is fluttering her eyelids a bunch and then screwing up her mouth like she's sobbing - but is still oddly dry eyed. Get that girl some acting lessons! And a sandwich while you're at it.

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