Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hilarity Ensues

I am an avid fan of snotty movie genres: French and Spanish films, indies, black comedies, the occasional British period piece. But give me a raunchy comedy marketed towards boys 18-24 and I'm pleased as punch. In my opinion, the best movie of 2008 so far has been Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Matt and I are definitely buying it after work. That movie is ridiculous. Turns out that male full-frontal nudity is hilarious. Also, I would pay any amount of money to see a vampire puppet musical. Interestingly enough though, Jonah Hill is my least favorite part of that movie. I'm tired of his schtick.

I never used to like these suspended-adolescence type movies, but some time during my adult life I found the humor in them. There's something very relatable about these adult characters who don't want to grow up and be forced out into the real world. I wonder why... It's like, I never used to like them because I thought the characters were immature and they should just grow the hell up already. But now that I'm reluctantly an adult, I sympathize. I want them to be stupid and lazy. I want them to smoke pot and drink all day. Who cares if you live in your parent's basement. Screw the establishment!

Beerfest, Grandma's Boy, 40 Year Old Virgin, Old School, Knocked Up, Superbad. Yes, please.

And for the record I also love Bridget Jones's Diary (but not the sequel), Sex and the City, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Notting Hill. I do certainly have a soft spot for girly movies too, but my tolerance for them is far less. I'm a little more picky with these. I really love romantic comedies throughout all the comedic scenes, but then when they start to get extra crazy sappy I kinda lose interest. The one newlywed movie... what's it called, Just Married (duh!) with Ashton Kutcher is a good example. The scenes where him and his wife hated each other were hilarious. But then he started crying and it became unbearable to watch.

So in essence, I love snotty movies, I love boy movies, and I love almost all romantic comedies until about the last fifteen minutes when everyone starts crying. Oh, and I really love zombie movies. A lot. More on that later.

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