Friday, January 23, 2009

Beware of the Google

So, I was checking my web stats for my blog last night because yes, I reverse e-stalk my readers, and I noticed that someone found my blog by googling my name. I found that very surprising. My stats tracker is free so it's not very informative but more sophisticated trackers can, in one way or another, tell you where you were googled from. For instance, trackers that come along with hosting software. Software that design agencies use. Design agencies like the one I used to work for.

Then I about crapped my pants because I realized something...

I googled (maybe twice) an ex-boyfriend a while back and looked at the site of the company he works for. It may be one of the types of companies I mentioned above. Just maybe. So, if they check their stats they can see that I found their site by googling him. Well, if I'm not mistaken I googled him from work. And my work IP shows up in stats with the company's name. Meaning, if they check their stats not only can they see that someone googled him, but in big plain crazy-ex-girlfriend letters it will tell them that the google search originated within my company. Where I told him I work.

If they don't happen to look at every stat then no one probably noticed. I worked for a place for two years and looked at the stats maybe half a dozen times. But if they did look and saw it, I totally feel a fool right now. Let this be a lesson to everyone. Take caution when googling tech savvy exs. Do it from someone else's computer just to be safe. Maybe the library. Hotel business centers. But not your work computer.

Bad. Idea.

And if he googled me back and is reading this right now, I guess that makes us both losers now, doesn't it?

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MissViolonjello said...

Ha! I did that once.. except I managed to find an entire blog by an ex-boyfriend ranting and raving about how much he hated me. Yes, something like 300,000 on my being a callous bitch.